Simple URL Rotator

PHP Script to Rotate Your URLs


Simple URL Rotator is a PHP script that can be used to redirect to a list of URLs. Each visit will show a different URL in sequence.

  • Small, reliable and stable PHP script.
  • Unlimited amount of URLs can be rotated.
  • Rotation by redirection, no frames, headers, footers or other distractions.
  • HTTP 307 status code, which signifies a temporary redirection, is used for redirection to avoid URL caching. The browser will request a new location every time.
  • Text files for configuration, no database required.
  • URLs are redirected sequentially. The sequence (position) number is stored in a text file accessed using standard OS file locking.
  • Optional parameter passthru which allows you to copy the URL query string from the rotator URL to the redirected URL.
  • Optional view mode to display a list of URLs (some service providers like traffic exchanges need to see this before you can send traffic to your rotator).
  • Optional error logging and access logging convenient in CSV format for import in your spreadsheet or database for traffic analysis.
  • Debug mode showing required information without actual redirection.
  • Single license for all of your servers (owned, leased, rented or subscribed). Installation for clients or 3rd parties requires a license for each client or 3rd party.